Dominant Support Group

When: 7 – 9 pm on the Fourth Tuesday of the month (please see the Event Calendar for exact dates)
Where: a private residence so please contact host for more information.
Details: This is a support group for Dominants and Masters. Our open-ended discussions are your chance to get things off your chest when necessary and bring together the ideas, thoughts, concerns, advice and anything M/s D/s related. Sometimes it’s nice to run things by another Dominant. Who do you go to?

What is said at this group stays with this group, so Dominants and Masters can feel free to discuss matters that might be awkward in another setting. It is imperative that anyone in attendance of this group value honor, integrity, and the right for others to define the dynamics of their own relationships. That includes all genders and all sexual orientations.

Submissives can attend the Submissive Support Group held at the same time and location (but a different part of the house).

This meeting is at a private residence (and may change from time to time) so please contact Mistress Liza for more details and an address. Street attire please.